Supporting vulnerable populations transition to care

The STEVIE web-based platform is a free resource and tracker designed for anyone who wishes to voluntarily report any experiences of barriers and/or delays in their COVID-19 care.


STEVIE stands for Supporting Transition to care through Engagement with Vulnerable populations to address Inequalities for all Ethnicities.

The STEVIE web-based platform is part of a research study that has received Institutional Review Board approval from New Mexico State University (NMSU) and is conducted collaboratively with the Ethnicity and COVID-19 Research Consortium (ECRC).

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A collaborative project between

How can STEVIE help me?

Provides information about COVID-19 symptoms, access to testing centers, diagnosis, treatment, and vaccination programs, as well as general information about COVID-19.

Collects data to identify where, why, how, and when any delays or barriers you experience occur along pathways to care for COVID-19.

Offers solutions to any delays or barriers you may have experienced along pathways to care for COVID-19.

Provides support in "real time" to transition you through diagnosis, treatment, and/or vaccination in a timely manner.

We welcome you to use STEVIE if you:

Are 18 years and older
Currently have symptoms of COVID-19/coronavirus
Have experienced any barriers or delays while seeking help for your symptoms, testing, treatment or vaccination for COVID-19
Voluntarily wish to report any barriers or delays while seeking help for your symptoms, testing, treatment, and/or vaccination for COVID-19
Wish to obtain information about COVID-19 symptoms, testing centers, diagnosis, treatment, and vaccination programs in your local area.

How to use STEVIE:

A computer or smartphone with internet access is necessary for you to access the STEVIE web-based platform

Click on “Get started”
Your consent is required prior to using the STEVIE web-based platform.
Enter your demographic details.
Select the symptoms you are currently experiencing.
Choose where you are on the pathway and report the barrier or delay you are experiencing by selecting the appropriate responses.
Provide "real-time" updates about your progress.

Your data is private

Researchers will use your data to understand the causes of delays and barriers, as well as where and how they occur to improve your transition to COVID-19 care in a timely manner.
Your data is safe. Your name or any other identifying information is not attached to your responses, keeping all provided information confidential. Data is stored in password protected files that only the researchers have access to.
It will take about 2-3 minutes for you to enter your data. You will receive automated reminders to monitor the progress of delays and/or barriers. We request that you provide reports of any changes in your situation.
The potential benefits of participating are that your experiences will contribute to a better understanding of barriers and delays to care for COVID-19, which may inform healthcare policy in your country. There are no known risks associated with the STEVIE web-based app or participating in the study.
Participation in this study is entirely voluntary. If you decide to take part in the study, and wish to withdraw later, you may do so at any time without penalty.

About the team

Learn about the inspiration behind the STEVIE web-based platform and the team of ECRC members involved in the research

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